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The ultimate guide for Jurassic World Alive

The Jurassic World Alive Cheats is the famous game on Android and IOS platform. In Android devices, its require 4.4 and up Android version and in IOS devices 10.0 or up IOS version. The game is launched by Ludia Inc. In the whole world, it is the best simulation game. On google play, it receives 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. That is also location-based game means you can discover the dinosaurs via the map. You also create the own hybrid dinosaurs. From this, you share your experience with friends. The membership of Jurassic world alive is available on 9.99$ per month. Collect rare and powerful breeds by flying a drone with precise accuracy.

Many important tips are available for playing the game. These tips are useful for improving your performance in the game. It also helps you to create own team and dinosaur. So today we talk about the best tips for the game. Follow the tips and increase your level.

How to create a team?

You know very well we do not win betel without the team. The team is the important part of the game for winning the battle. If you want to enter in the battles, the team must be required. Tap on the skull icon to see the dinosaur collection. That will show you how many require DNA sample to unlock next dinosaurs. The common dinosaurs normally need 50 DNA to open. But the best dinosaur required need 100 to 150 DNA sample to unlock. After unlocking common dinosaur then your team star up. The more DNA samples make yore dinosaur strong.  To open from dinosaurs, your team create automatically.

Best Dinosaur-  

Your goal is to assemble an unstoppable team of dinosaurs. First, you need to choose the member of your team correctly. Select the best dinosaur from others. So we have listed down the best option and found the best in some. Always keep in mind the level of dinosaurs, rarity, and evolution.

Types of dinosaurs-

Many types of dinosaur are available in it. All dinosaurs are available with different qualities. So now to tell you the best types of dinosaurs which available in it.

  1. Velociraptor-

It is available with top speed. In others words, we can say that it is the top ranking dinosaurs for top speed. Its pounce ability reduces the opponent’s damage by 50%. After the upgrade, it will easily take down one or two dinosaurs despite its relatively low health. So it is available in best dinosaur list.

  1. Stegosaurus-

This dinosaur is available with the high armor. It has high health along with above average damage. It is the second number of the dinosaur in it. But it is also a good dinosaur in game.

  1. Majungasaurus-

The Majungasaurus is also present in the good dinosaurs list. It also has the short defense that creates a 50% shield over four turns on top.

  1. Ankylosaurus- That is the best dinosaurs in the world. Pile on ling Protection 50% shield over 4 turns on the top of its 25%. So it is the best way to the best dinosaurs.