Impressive Information About The Clash Of Kings

Clash of Kings is latest strategy based game for the Android and IOS users. You can meet with many types of fights and characters in a single platform.  It is very much similar to RPG games, and you have to save the empire by winning the battles. You have to make the best buildings in your empire to earn the extra points. You can use these buildings in many different ways such as troops, housing, and other resources.

 Types of buildings in Clash of Kings

In the game there are many types of buildings are available, and all have their different work.

  • Castle – It is the main building available with a lot of features. Give your best to upgrade it fast and try to unlock many more buildings for the castle. By using these castles, players can get all the information about the battles and points.
  • Farm – With the help of a farm building you can produce the food for your citizens. It is essential for you to open more these farms to expend the area of your empire.
  • Military tent- You can use these buildings to train your army easily. It makes your army stronger and prepares the soldiers to win the battles.
  • Hospital – You have to build it in the early stages because it is important to give the citizens the best treatment.
  • Hall of war- It is a place from where you can find the best options of soldiers to add in your army.
  • Watchtower- by using the watch tower you can get all the information about the current situation of the town.

Unlock new weapons                   

If you want to make your empire stronger, then you have to unlock the new weapons for the army of town.  It is important for you to make the buildings of the college to invent new techniques for the citizens’ safety. If you work to make the people of your town happy or by using Clash Of Kings Cheats, then they give you more help to earn more currency. These all things can also make your town more attractive.


In my opinion, players should give more effort to build the useful buildings in the early stages. By doing this, you can easily clear the hard levels by using the powers. It is better for all the new players to avoid using the real money to make the game easy without playing.

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