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Tips To Win The Battles In Battlelands Royale

If you are searching the best action game for your Android or IOS devices, then you should try Battlelands Royale once. You will like the game because you can see a lot of funny characters and different battles in the game.  You can download it free for your mobile, and the game also gives you in-app purchase option to buy certain items in the game by spending the real money. Battlelands Royale is a high-speed game, and it doesn’t take time to start and finish the battles.

If you are a beginner and want to play the game correctly, then take help from the guide to improve your gaming standard quickly. Here I am telling you all those things which you need to know.

Find the best place for landing

In the starting point, you can see your character in the air with a parachute, and you have to land in the best place to start the game perfectly. You should choose the safe drooping area by using the map which is giving at the top right side of the screen. It is good for you to select the place near to loot area because with it you can reach at drooping area faster than other players. Every player chooses the busy area for your landing, so you should land at the open space area which is located at the center on the map.

You can also land your player at the ship area because it is also a decent area. Other players avoid landing in this area because it is very far from the battleground. Furthermore, you can reach at battle area easily, and you can also find the special weapons from the ship area easily. The loot area is also near to the ship area, so it is beneficial to choose the ship area for the newcomers.


If you find the best area to start the game and with Battlelands Royale Cheats, then it is easy for you to win the hard battles quickly. By using these tips, you can play the game more effectively and quickly.


The ultimate guide for Jurassic World Alive

The Jurassic World Alive Cheats is the famous game on Android and IOS platform. In Android devices, its require 4.4 and up Android version and in IOS devices 10.0 or up IOS version. The game is launched by Ludia Inc. In the whole world, it is the best simulation game. On google play, it receives 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. That is also location-based game means you can discover the dinosaurs via the map. You also create the own hybrid dinosaurs. From this, you share your experience with friends. The membership of Jurassic world alive is available on 9.99$ per month. Collect rare and powerful breeds by flying a drone with precise accuracy.

Many important tips are available for playing the game. These tips are useful for improving your performance in the game. It also helps you to create own team and dinosaur. So today we talk about the best tips for the game. Follow the tips and increase your level.

How to create a team?

You know very well we do not win betel without the team. The team is the important part of the game for winning the battle. If you want to enter in the battles, the team must be required. Tap on the skull icon to see the dinosaur collection. That will show you how many require DNA sample to unlock next dinosaurs. The common dinosaurs normally need 50 DNA to open. But the best dinosaur required need 100 to 150 DNA sample to unlock. After unlocking common dinosaur then your team star up. The more DNA samples make yore dinosaur strong.  To open from dinosaurs, your team create automatically.

Best Dinosaur-  

Your goal is to assemble an unstoppable team of dinosaurs. First, you need to choose the member of your team correctly. Select the best dinosaur from others. So we have listed down the best option and found the best in some. Always keep in mind the level of dinosaurs, rarity, and evolution.

Types of dinosaurs-

Many types of dinosaur are available in it. All dinosaurs are available with different qualities. So now to tell you the best types of dinosaurs which available in it.

  1. Velociraptor-

It is available with top speed. In others words, we can say that it is the top ranking dinosaurs for top speed. Its pounce ability reduces the opponent’s damage by 50%. After the upgrade, it will easily take down one or two dinosaurs despite its relatively low health. So it is available in best dinosaur list.

  1. Stegosaurus-

This dinosaur is available with the high armor. It has high health along with above average damage. It is the second number of the dinosaur in it. But it is also a good dinosaur in game.

  1. Majungasaurus-

The Majungasaurus is also present in the good dinosaurs list. It also has the short defense that creates a 50% shield over four turns on top.

  1. Ankylosaurus- That is the best dinosaurs in the world. Pile on ling Protection 50% shield over 4 turns on the top of its 25%. So it is the best way to the best dinosaurs.



Episode choose your story – How To Play It Properly?

Episode choose your story – How To Play It Properly?

Role-playing games are getting in the trend. They are based on the very beautiful concept. Unlimited entertainment and thrilling experience are waiting for you in the role-playing games.

In case you are stilling finding the most suitable game for you then you must try episode choose your story cheats. There are some great skills that you can acquire with the help of playing these games on your mobile device.

You can be expert in the social matters and also use the same knowledge and experience in the real world. This way you will be getting more skilled in the game and the real world simultaneously.

Outstanding gameplay

Now you must be wondering about the reason behind the popularity of the episode choose your story. Gone are the days when typical games were getting in the trend but now everything has changed. Games which are easy to learn and start are getting into the air.

In addition to it, flexibility is next virtue of the modern game. Rigid games with fix platform are no longer on the trend. Here in episode choose your story game you will be able to do the modifications as per your taste. You can customize the look and appearance of your characters and make them more attractive.

Be popular with own story

–         Everything is perfect when it is mixed with an interesting storyline in a mobile game. In episode choose your story you will be having a great chance to become popular by writing your own story. If you really have a great interest in writing your own story, you can do that in this virtual world.

–         You will be glad to know the fact that nearly seventy-five thousand stories are available there and you can also choose your story from that as well. The best part is that you can also make changes in the present storyline and make it as per your own choice.

Be the designer

1-    You can also create your personal look and make the best outfit for the characters.

2-    It is quite possible that you trend may become very popular and people will follow your trend.

3-    Even in the romance, you can be on the height with the other characters. There are many other stories where you can be indulged in very social and other actions to have more fun.

There is no doubt that many games are available at present in the open market but you will never find such huge collection of different stories to enjoy. Try your story now and live the life which you always dreamed about.